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AIS Provides Unique Revenue Enhancement and Member Engagement Solutions for Trade Associations

About Association Insurance Solutions (AIS)

Founded in 2018, Association Insurance Solutions (AIS) provides unique revenue enhancement and member engagement solutions for trade associations. Initially focused on Texas-based trade associations, AIS offers tailored, personal insurance lines - home, auto and umbrella - to affinity-oriented trade associations and their individual members.

As a licensed insurance agency, AIS * has developed an innovative way to enhance non-dues revenues for its trade association partners, replacing low-revenue, endorsement-related affiliations. After expanding market share in Texas, AIS will move toward a national association approach to its solutions and deepen its product offerings to include commercial, life and other lines of insurance.


What Makes AIS Different?

Associations have typically relied upon dues revenue and leveraging their membership base with property and casualty, employee benefits and other insurance opportunities. In an increasingly competitive and segmented trade association industry, AIS provides unprecedented and unique distribution solutions for trade associations and the means to build more loyalty with members, while also providing a significant revenue stream for operations and member engagement and retention .

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Relationships Matter

AIS has partnered with State Auto Mutual Insurance Company to provide custom personal lines coverage to trade associations and their members. Founded in 1921, and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio (western regional headquarters is in Austin), State Auto has assets of $4.3 billion and writes $1.8 billion in premium across 33 states on an annual basis.  

State Auto is known for its multi-channel distribution expertise in Home and Auto insurance and demonstrates the value of that expertise by helping partners grow through 100% intermediated distribution. The AIS sponsorship within State Auto is unparalleled, leading to customized home and auto products that provide broader coverage and lower premiums to the end users.  Working with State Auto’s IT and marketing departments, AIS is able to leverage those core competencies to better serve customers, including customized association-branded web portals and “white glove service” from dedicated State Auto sales and service teams.  


Revenue Sharing, Member Engagement & Custom Marketing Support

Coupled with unique distribution possibilities, AIS also drives member engagement with its trade association customers. By sponsoring state and local chapters and attending trade shows, AIS is able to cultivate a loyal membership base for its trade association customers. AIS provides all creative collateral related to the marketing roll-out of its personal line offerings, and will facilitate e-mail marketing and additional media campaigns, including social media support. This additional member engagement support is provided at no incremental cost to AIS' association partners. 

Foundation Support  AIS recognizes that 25% of small associations and 50% of medium-size associations have a foundation –a conduit of valuable work, including scholarships and other worthwhile community endeavors.  AIS and its collaborators, including State Auto, regularly make contributions to support foundation work.


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